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 Egwen aka Mereon aka RedRobyn aka Greandal

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PostSubject: Egwen aka Mereon aka RedRobyn aka Greandal   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:05 am

Yeah i have quite few alts xD still haven't decided which one is going to be my main xD maybe all of them :)

Well, now... a bit about myself... I am a 24yo guy from Serbia (that is a small country on Balkan peninsula... somewhere in between Italy and Greece if that helps anyone xD). Currently I am at university trying to get my master degree in software engineering. I like to read epic fantasy books, play RPG games of all kinds. Before JD i started, and still am playing PWI... I prefer magical damage dealing classes over any other, but in JD i still can't find which one that actually is :)
well as I have notices people tend to put their pictures up here so I will do the same...

Hope to see you in game... play nice and have fun :)

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Egwen aka Mereon aka RedRobyn aka Greandal
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