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 seboo YOYO

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PostSubject: seboo YOYO   seboo YOYO Icon_minitimeWed Sep 29, 2010 3:30 pm

hi there yall :D i ish 23yo noobie boobie, live in Poland, and hell im not married and not even plan too ever be :P im boob-word obsessed blush wich may seem for sum retarrded since im girl xD, my memory sucks! unless u piss me off with sumting for rl then ill never forget xD
playing JD since...ummm... i dun remember but prolly around march 2010 or so :D my main is sebu - lupinoboob, and alt is boobette - if u still dun know its me ^^

there pic of me >//< dun get blind =P

seboo YOYO Ilo10
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seboo YOYO
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