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 Hi from Sinnerr

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PostSubject: Hi from Sinnerr   Hi from Sinnerr Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 1:27 am

Hi guys you all should know me laugh if you dont im the Marshal of Sirians atm. lol

I created Sirians a while back, August of 2009 because i could not find any decent alliances to join. At that time i was a nub, i think around lvl 100 and wanted to create it so that i could help other noobs and get help myself from other low levels, Kinda like an Alliance for low levels to acquire knowledge and get use to the game.

Sirians has grown way over my expectation i thought we would never be as strong as we have become. Even though our member base is mostly high lvls that know just about everything in game, i still like to help the nub every once in a while as my painful days of a low lvl still reminds me that help can go along way with making new great friends. I have made alot of close friends on JD and some of the nicest ppl i have ever met.

Anyone that knows me knows that i am not a dictator, and all members have a voice in the alliance. Sirians is not MY alliance it is everyone that is a member, just because i created it does not mean i am any higher of a person then a person that has just joined. Though i do have the alliances back, and will back up my close freinds when ever they need it. I dont demend any respect if u dont like me, fair enough i wont be kicking you as its your alliance as well as mine.

I try to help the Alliance as much as i can. There is pretty much no rules with contribution requirement and id accept a low lvl nub in my clan that's nice rather then a high lvl idiot that thinks their the best thing in JD.

okay now u know a little about the alli... now about me

Im 28 live in Australia, I was a boxer for about 6 years, had 28 fights and lost 5, i won the state championship, and the Australian championship in 2001, ...........yeah looooooong time ago, but still im proud of it. I come from a small family my 2 sisters brother and mum and dad. , i have no kids and not married, I have a certificate IV in I.T network administration an loooooooove to play JD laugh

Well that should be enough lol,....... who's next?? yeey

Hi from Sinnerr E8fc069369d7567b5c3328346e8ed6b44g
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Hi from Sinnerr
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